Neurocognitive performance of repeated versus single intravenous subanesthetic ketamine in treatment resistant depression

Authors: Paulo R Shiroma, Paul Thuras, Joseph Wels, C Sophia Albott, Christopher Erbes, Susannah Tye, Kelvin O Lim

Journal: Journal of Affective Disorders

Year Published: 2020

Background: Ketamine demonstrated rapid antidepressant effects in treatment-resistant depression (TRD). However, evaluation of ketamine’s neurocognitive effect in TRD is unclear. We aim to (1) characterize baseline neurocognitive performance as a predictor of the change in severity […]

C-reactive protein and response to lurasidone treatment in children and adolescents with bipolar I depression: Results from a placebo-controlled trial

Authors: Charles L. Raison, Cynthia Siu, Andrei Pikalov, Michael Tocco, Antony Loebel

Journal: Brain Behavior and Immunity

Year Published: 2019

This study sought to investigate associations between levels of high-sensitivity c-reactive protein (hsCRP) prior to treatment and change in depressive symptoms and cognition in a short-term, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of lurasidone in children and adolescents with […]

Greater Circulating Copper Concentrations and Copper/Zinc Ratios are Associated with Lower Psychological Distress, But Not Cognitive Performance, in a Sample of Australian Older Adults

Authors: Michelle Mravunac, Ewa A. Szymlek-Gay, Robin M. Daly, Blaine R. Roberts, Melissa Formica, Jenny Gianoudis, Stella L. O’Connell, Caryl A. Nowson and Barbara R. Cardoso

Journal: Nutrients

Year Published: 2019

Dyshomeostasis of copper and zinc is linked to neurodegeneration. This study investigated the relationship between circulating copper and zinc and copper/zinc ratios and cognitive function, symptoms of depression and anxiety, and neurotrophic factors in older Australian […]

Migraine comorbidity and cognitive performance in patients with focal epilepsy

Authors: Olivia A.J. Begasse de Dhaem, Jacqueline French, Chris Morrison, Kimford J. Meador, Dale C. Hesdorffer, Sabrina Cristofaro, Mia T. Minen, on behalf of the HEP Investigators

Journal: Epilepsy & Behavior

Year Published: 2019

Background: Migraine and epilepsy are comorbid conditions. While it is well known that epilepsy can have an impact on cognitive abilities, there is conflicting evidence in the literature on the relationship between migraine and cognitive function. […]

Depression, lifestyle factors and cognitive function in people living with HIV and comparable HIV-negative controls

Authors: D De Francesco, J Underwood, E Bagkeris, M Boffito, FA Post, PWG Mallon, JH Vera, I Williams, J Anderson, M Johnson, CA Sabin, A Winston, on behalf of the Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Observations in People over Fifty (POPPY) study

Journal: HIV Medicine

Year Published: 2019

Objectives: We investigated whether differences in cognitive performance between people living with HIV (PLWH) and comparable HIV-negative people were mediated or moderated by depressive symptoms and lifestyle factors. Methods: A cross-sectional study of 637 ‘older’ PLWH […]

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