Providing innovative tools to screen and monitor cognitive changes in the clinical and community settings.

Cogstate and pharmaceutical company Eisai Co. Ltd established a global partnership to develop and commercialize digital brain performance assessment tools for individuals and doctors.

As part of this partnership, Cogstate is proud to be a strategic investment of Eisai Innovation, which focuses on neurology and oncology digital solutions and diagnostics to advance human health care (hhc).


Eisai to Launch Digital Tool “CogMate™” in Taiwan and Hong Kong for Self-assessment of Brain Health

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Millions of people around the world suffer from mild to severe cognitive impairment, as a result of long-term disease progression (such as Alzheimer’s disease), surgical complications or sports injuries. As such, challenges in brain health management are more critical than ever.

In the next decade, better solutions for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of brain disorders are imperative. Cogstate delivers innovative solutions through our technology and partnerships to support clinical evaluation and self-assessment of brain health.


Explore Cognitive Assessment Solutions

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Cognigram™ is a simple and scientifically valid computerized test system intended to aid healthcare professionals with rapid assessment of cognition in individuals aged 6 – 99 years old.

Measure your brain health with Lila™, the do-it-yourself, take-anywhere memory assessment tool from Cogstate. With Lila, you can regularly check your brain health with science-backed, reliable and easy-to-use self-assessments of verbal learning and memory. (Contact us to learn about availability)

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NouKNOW™ is a consumer-friendly self-assessment of brain performance that couples a brain health score with lifestyle advice for maintaining brain performance. The tool was developed by Cogstate and pharmaceutical company Eisai and is available in Japan.

CogMate™ is a digital tool for self-assessment of brain performance developed by Cogstate and pharmaceutical company Eisai. CogMate is a global multilingual version of the NouKNOW® tool.

The Reality of Cognitive Impairment


1 in 10 people aged 65 years or older has Alzheimer’s disease.

The Cognigram system detects very subtle changes in cognition that could signify the early stages of dementia. Because neurological changes begin 20 or more years before cognitive symptoms appear, early detection of dementia is critical.


Post-surgical delirium affects up to 50% of patients, costing $164 billion per year.

In the perioperative setting, postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) occurs in up to 53% of patients over 65 years of age and in patients with moderate to severe cases, decline in cognitive function can be substantial and long term.


42 million people globally suffer from concussion each year.

The Cognigram system offers unique value as a sensitive and reliable tool for baseline testing and post-injury evaluation. Sport organizations ranging from secondary education to professional and elite groups around the world depend upon its test battery for decision support in their concussion management programs.

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