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Lower prospective memory is associated with higher neurocognitive dispersion in two samples of people with HIV: A conceptual replication study

Authors: Andrea I Mustafa, Steven Paul Woods, Shayne Loft, Erin E Morgan

Journal: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Year Published: 2023

Objectives: People living with HIV (PLWH) often experience deficits in the strategic/executive aspects of prospective memory (PM) that can interfere with instrumental activities of daily living. This study used a conceptual replication design to determine whether […]

Greenness modifies the association between ambient air pollution and cognitive function in Australian adolescents, but not in mid-life adults

Authors: Yichao Wang, Mallery Crowe, Luke D Knibbs, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Lærke Mygind, Jessica A Kerr, Melissa Wake, Craig A Olsson, Peter G Enticott, Rachel L Peters, Galina Daraganova, Suzanne Mavoa, Kate Lycett

Journal: Environmental Pollution

Year Published: 2023

Exposure to ambient air pollution has been associated with reduced cognitive function in childhood and later life, with too few mid-life studies to draw conclusions. In contrast, residential greenness has been associated with enhanced cognitive function […]

Moving intra-individual variability (IIV) towards clinical utility: IIV measured using a commercial testing platform

Authors: Hyein Cho, Giuseppina Pilloni, Raisa Tahsin, Pamela Best, Lauren Krupp, Cheongeun Oh, Leigh Charvet

Journal: Journal of the Neurological Sciences

Year Published: 2023

Objectives: Intra-individual variability (IIV), measured across repeated response times (RT) during continuous psychomotor tasks, is an early marker of cognitive change in the context of neurodegeneration. To advance IIV towards broader application in clinical research, we […]

Severity and correlates of brain fog in people with traumatic brain injury

Authors: Tyler Bell, Michael Crowe, Thomas Novack, Richard D Davis, Despina Stavrinos

Journal: Research in Nursing & Health

Year Published: 2023

Brain fog is one symptom that has been underexplored in traumatic brain injury (TBI). We explored the cognitive and affective correlates of brain fog in people with symptomatic mild TBI (n = 15), moderate-to-severe TBI (n […]

A new look at cognitive functioning in pediatric MS

Authors: Lauren B Krupp, Emmanuelle Waubant, Michael Waltz, T Charles Casper, Anita Belman, Yolanda Wheeler, Jayne Ness, Jennifer Graves, Mark Gorman, Leslie Benson, Soe Mar, Manu Goyal, Teri Schreiner, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Moses Rodriguez, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Timothy Lotze, Greg Aaen, Mary Rensel, John Rose, Tanuja Chitinis, Allan George, Leigh E Charvet, US Network of Pediatric MS Centers

Journal: Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical and Laboratory Research

Year Published: 2023

Objective: Cognitive involvement in pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS) relative to adult MS is less defined. This study advances our understanding by measuring cognitive performances in pediatric MS, adult MS, and pediatric healthy controls. Methods: Consecutive relapsing […]

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