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Many clinical trials involve assessments that require a high level of clinical skills as well as seasoned, hands-on assessment experience to achieve proper administration, response recording, and scoring.

To support this need, Cogstate coordinates a global network of experts in the areas of psychology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, and neurology who remotely support global biopharmaceutical research projects. Cogstate Local Expert Advisors (LEADs) ensure quality clinical assessments of cognition, mood, behavior, neurodevelopment, and motor function. Currently the network consists of 180+ professionals worldwide speaking 40+ languages. We invite you to learn about the flexible work arrangements and opportunities for professional diversification available within the network.

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Cogstate LEADs administer assessments via telehealth, train, and mentor raters on the nuances of cognitive assessments, and review source materials and audio recordings from scale administrations in clinical trials for accuracy. In addition, some LEADs collaborate with other clinicians and site raters in the role of a supervisor/mentor/teacher.

LEADs work remotely and have flexibility in the types of roles they take on, as well as how much and when they work. LEADS are compensated with a pay rate commensurate with their experience and area of expertise. Payment options include fee-for-service consultation engagements, with availability of full-time, salaried positions. LEADs are compensated for trainings they must complete.

Educational and Linguistic Qualifications

LEAD qualification and training requirements are robust, ensuring quality outcomes and reducing risk for clinical trial teams. LEADs must meet the following requirements:

Graduate-level education in clinical-, neuro-, or developmental psychology

Minimum of 2 years of relevant, hands-on experience with cognitive and behavioral scale administration

Training in neurological illness and injury

Direct clinical experience with the indication and patient population for the studies they support

Bilingual or multilingual proficiency is strongly preferred for many projects, and most Cogstate LEADs are required to speak at least two languages (one being English) with native-level written and spoken proficiency. Fluent expressive and receptive language skills are key for the network as LEADs provide expert input for scale selection and translation, training of site raters in the raters’ local languages, and formal evaluation of raters’ skills proficiency with real-time feedback delivered within specific cultural-linguistic contexts.

Roles within the LEADs Network

Based on individual LEADs’ availability and the needs of the studies Cogstate is supporting, LEADs have opportunities to take on distinct roles within the network. LEADs can choose to take on different roles at different times based on their interests and availability. Formal onboarding, training, and certification for the LEAD role is provided. All aspects of LEAD training can be completed remotely.

LEADs fill the following roles

EXPERT TRAINERS Train and certify clinical trial raters to administer study scales

In this role, LEADs provide rater training and determine readiness for certification on clinical assessment administration in local languages. LEADs coach raters on clinical interviewing skills and standardized test administration and scoring practices via write-ups of rater performance feedback, and live video training teleconferences. Cogstate coordinates all administrative-, scheduling- and tracking aspects of rater training assignments.

CENTRAL MONITORS Evaluate, coach, and mentor raters to ensure correct scale administration

In this role, LEADs review completed neuropsychological test batteries to ensure accuracy in administration and scoring, contributing to the overall success of a clinical trial. They review clinical response forms from local sites and offer feedback to site raters via email and telephone communications. They also liaise with- and offer support to personnel at local sites in the local language. This role is highly flexible, and LEADs may conduct reviews at any convenient times within a specified time frame.

CENTRAL RATERS Perform clinical assessments via telehealth

In this role, LEADs directly administer cognitive and clinical outcome measures via telehealth to patients enrolled in clinical trials. In contrast to the traditional approach where raters are dispersed across many clinical research sites, Central Raters are uniformly and regularly trained and calibrated to increase reliability, standardizations, and scoring accuracy in clinical trials. Central raters undergo close performance surveillance and regular recalibration to reduce rater drift. In addition, operational training on workflows, electronic platforms, and telehealth modalities is provided. Cogstate facilitates the administrative aspects of coordinating schedules and other elements. The schedule tends to be a bit more rigid as there is coordination with sites and patients.

CULTURAL / LINGUISTIC CONSULTATION Provide guidance on scale selection or translation

In this role, LEADs provide guidance on cultural-linguistic validity of scale selection and translation. Since cognitive scales are mostly developed for use in English-speaking, Western contexts, the use of translated tests with patients in other cultural-linguistic groups can be problematic if not accurately adapted. LEAD input into scale selection, translation, and localization helps ensure high-quality data is gathered from cognitive assessments in global trials.

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