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At Cogstate, we believe brain health is profoundly important to quality of life and should be easier to measure. Therefore, our mission is to optimize cognitive assessments to support the development of new therapeutics and provide earlier brain health insights in clinical care.

For 20 years, Cogstate has proudly supported the leading-edge research needs of biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, and the clinical care needs of physicians and patients around the world. We provide rapid, reliable, and sensitive computerized digital assessment of cognition and support electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) solutions. We also offer quality assurance services for clinical trial endpoints that combine innovative operational approaches, advanced analytics and scientific consulting.

Assessment Solutions

Cogstate combines core capabilities of science, technology and operational expertise in three key vertical market segments.

Digital Cognitive Assessment

Rapid, highly sensitive, and valid measures of cognition

Endpoint Data Quality

Consistent administration and scoring of outcome measures via rater training and monitoring

Remote Assessment

Direct-to-patient decentralized trial support and services

Healthcare Cognitive Screening

Tools to detect patient cognitive impairment and change

Cogstate’s Experience

Across our 20+ years of experience, Cogstate has gathered strong scientific validation of our digital assessments. In addition, Cogstate supports conventional, paper-and-pencil measures of cognition. In this realm, we leverage technology, such as eCOA, to support the collection of data and provide quality control solutions for these rater-administered assessments via rater training and central monitoring solutions. We have trained thousands of raters and supported sites worldwide.

peer-reviewed papers showing sensitivity and specificity of our digital assessments
academic and clinical trial studies supported
indications in which our tests have been utilized

Cogstate’s History

Cogstate was founded in 1999 when a group of neuroscientists in Australia worked with angel investors to create the first code base. The initial idea for a computerized cognitive assessment came while Cogstate’s first scientists were working with indigenous communities in central Australia. There they discovered that assessments of cognition were limited by both linguistic and cultural contexts. Seeking to address these challenges, our scientists developed assessments of cognition that were largely free of language, were culturally neutral and could be used to identify impairments and changes in cognition in any group of individuals.

Cogstate achieved initial sales in sports medicine, using the technology to determine if an athlete’s cognitive performance had changed from their baseline as a result of concussive injury. To this day, Cogstate supports thousands of athletes, both amateur and professional, worldwide. Cogstate grew substantially when we began working with pharmaceutical companies as part of their clinical trials of investigational therapeutics; today most of our staff support these efforts. Through our work, we have been fortunate to play a role in the approval of new therapeutics, including those for depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Cogstate’s Journey

Since its inception, Cogstate’s ambition has been to make regular cognitive assessment as simple and common place as measuring blood pressure – something everyone should check periodically as part of good healthcare. For more than 20 years, each step in our path has been around simplifying cognitive measurement and leading toward #BrainHealthForAll.

Teams Around the World

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Remote work is the primary day-to-day experience for our team members, enabling them to have the flexibility as to how, when, and where they work best. We also value face-to-face collaboration and facilitate in-person work through our primary office locations in Melbourne, London and New Haven, and offer thousands of flexible workspaces via a network spanning six continents.


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