cognitive impairment

A deep learning approach for monitoring parietal-dominant Alzheimer’s disease in World Trade Center responders at midlife

Authors: Allen P F Chen, Sean A P Clouston, Minos Kritikos, Lauren Richmond, Jaymie Meliker, Frank Mann, Stephanie Santiago-Michels, Alison C Pellecchia, Melissa A Carr, Pei-Fen Kuan, Evelyn J Bromet, Benjamin J Luft

Journal: Brain Communications

Year Published: 2021

Little is known about the characteristics and causes of early-onset cognitive impairment. Responders to the 2001 New York World Trade Center disaster represent an ageing population that was recently shown to have an excess prevalence of […]

Cognitive Profile and Relationship with Quality of Life and Psychosocial Functioning in Mood Disorders

Authors: Robson Zazula, Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Seetal Dodd, Olivia M Dean, Michael Berk, Heber Odebrecht Vargas, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas Nunes

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Year Published: 2021

Background Comparisons between healthy controls (HCs) and individuals with mood disorders have shown more cognitive dysfunction among the latter group, in particular in bipolar disorder (BD). This study aimed to characterize the pattern of cognitive function […]

Correlation between computerised and standard cognitive testing in people with HIV and HIV-negative individuals

Authors: Davide De Francesco, Jonathan Underwood, Jane Anderson, Marta Boffito, Frank A Post, Memory Sachikonye, Patrick W G Mallon, Lewis Haddow, Jaime H Vera, Ken M Kunisaki, Caroline A Sabin, Alan Winston for the POPPY Study Group

Journal: AIDS Care

Year Published: 2020

We investigated the correlations and agreement between cognitive assessments made using a computerised (CogState™, six domains) and a standard pen-and-paper battery (five domains) in PWH and lifestyle-similar HIV-negative individuals. Demographically adjusted domain and global T-scores were […]

White matter correlates of slowed information processing speed in unimpaired multiple sclerosis patients with young age onset

Authors: Sindhuja Tirumalai Govindarajan, Yilin Liu, Maria Andrea Parra Corral, Lev Bangiyev, Lauren Krupp, Leigh Charvet, Tim Q Duong

Journal: Brain Imaging and Behavior

Year Published: 2020

Slowed information processing speed is among the earliest markers of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS) and has been associated with white matter (WM) structural integrity. Localization of WM tracts associated with slowing, but not significant […]

Reduced cortical thickness in World Trade Center responders with cognitive impairment

Authors: Sean A P Clouston, Yael Deri, Megan Horton, Cheuk Tang, Erica Diminich, Christine DeLorenzo, Minos Kritikos, Alison C Pellecchia, Stephanie Santiago-Michels, Melissa A Carr, Samuel Gandy, Mary Sano, Evelyn J Bromet, Roberto G Lucchini, Benjamin J Luft

Journal: Alzheimer's & Dementia

Year Published: 2020

Introduction: This study examined cortical thickness (CTX) in World Trade Center (WTC) responders with cognitive impairment (CI). Methods: WTC responders (N = 99) with/without CI, recruited from an epidemiologic study, completed a T1-MPRAGE protocol. CTX was […]

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