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Returning Adolescents to Driving after Sports-Related Concussions: What Influences Physician Decision-Making.

Authors: MacDonald J, Patel N, Stuart E, Young J

Journal: The Journal of Pediatrics

Objective To determine which data collected on an initial patient clinic visit for a sports-related concussion (SRC) might influence physicians to clear an adolescent to return to drive (RTD) after injury. Study design Retrospective cohort study […]

Chronic work stress and decreased vagal tone impairs decision making and reaction time in jockeys.

Authors: Hale MW, Horan B, Kingsley M, Kinsella G, Landolt K, Maruff P, O'Halloran PD, Wright BJ

Journal: Psychoneuroendocrinology

The inverse relationship between acute stress and decision-making is well documented, but few studies have investigated the impact of chronic stress. Jockeys work exhaustive schedules and have extremely dangerous occupations, with safe performance requiring quick reaction […]

Computerised cognitive assessment of concussed Australian Rules footballers.

Authors: Bennell K, Bush A, Collie A, Darby DG, Makdissi M, Maruff P, Mccrory P

Journal: British Journal of Sports Medicine

BACKGROUND: “Paper and pencil” neuropsychological tests play an important role in the management of sports related concussions. They provide objective information on the athlete’s cognitive function and thus facilitate decisions on safe return to sport. It […]

Fatigue-related impairment in the speed, accuracy and variability of psychomotor performance: comparison with blood alcohol levels.

Authors: Collie A, Darby D, Falleti MG, Maruff P, McStephen M

Journal: Journal of Sleep Research

Cognitive performance is impaired by fatigue arising from sustained wakefulness and alcohol. Three recent papers directly compared the effects of increasing fatigue and blood alcohol concentration (%BAC) to provide a framework for understanding fatigue-related cognitive impairment. […]

Heart rate variability and cognitive function: Effects of physical effort.

Authors: Darby D, Luft CD, Takase E

Journal: Biological Psychology

This study investigated alterations in heart rate variability (HRV) and cognitive performance before and after physical effort, for 30 high-level track and field athletes (23 males and 7 females). Interbeat intervals were assessed at the baseline […]

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