Detection of MCI in the clinic: Evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of a computerised test battery, the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test and the MMSE

Authors: Celeste A de Jager, Anne-Claire M C Schrijnemaekers, Thurza E M Honey, Marc M Budge

Journal: Age and Ageing

Year Published: 2009

Introduction: The sensitive detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in older adults is an important problem that requires objective assessment. We evaluated whether the computerised cognitive test battery, CogState, was as sensitive to MCI as two […]

Intraindividual cognitive decline using a brief computerized cognitive screening test

Authors: David G Darby, Robert H Pietrzak, Julia Fredrickson, Michael Woodward, Lynette Moore, Amy Fredrickson, Jack Sach, Paul Maruff

Journal: Alzheimer's & Dementia

Year Published: 2012

Background: Progressive intraindividual decline in memory and cognition is characteristic of dementia and may be useful in detecting very early Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Methods: This study evaluated the slopes of cognitive performance over a 12-month period […]

Clinical utility of auditory memory testing in a heart failure population

Authors: Dustin B Hammers, Miyeon Jung, Susan J Pressler, Barbara-Jean Sullivan, Todd Koelling, Bruno Giordani

Journal: The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Year Published: 2013

Background: The self-care regimen necessary in heart failure (HF) is notably complex. A complication to integrating new knowledge and behaviors is that impaired cognition has been frequently reported in patients with HF, which significantly impacts patients’ […]

Can working memory predict target-to-target interval effects in the P300?

Authors: Genevieve Z Steiner, Robert J Barry, Craig J Gonsalvez

Journal: International Journal of Psychophysiology

Year Published: 2013

It has been suggested that the P300 component of the ERP is an electrophysiological index of memory-updating processes associated with task-relevant stimuli. Component magnitude varies with the time separating target stimuli (target-to-target interval: TTI), with longer […]

Reliability and validity of the CogState battery Chinese language version in schizophrenia

Authors: Na Zhong, Haifeng Jiang, Jin Wu, Hong Chen, Shuxing Lin, Yan Zhao, Jiang Du, Xiancang Ma, Ce Chen, Chengge Gao, Kenji Hashimoto, Min Zhao

Journal: Public Library of Science One

Year Published: 2013

Background: Cognitive impairment in patients with schizophrenia is a core symptom of this disease. The computerized CogState Battery (CSB) has been used to detect seven of the most common cognitive domains in schizophrenia. The aim of […]

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