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Comparison of cognitive functioning as measured by the Ruff Figural Fluency Test and the CogState computerized battery within the LifeLines Cohort Study

Authors: Jisca S Kuiper, Richard C Oude Voshaar, Floor E A Verhoeven, Sytse U Zuidema, Nynke Smidt

Journal: BMC Psychology

Year Published: 2017

Background: The Ruff Figural Fluency Test (RFFT; a pencil and paper test) and the CogState (a computerized cognitive test battery) are well-validated and suitable tests to evaluate cognitive functioning in large observational studies at the population […]

Do minor head impacts in soccer cause concussive injury? A prospective case-control study

Authors: Truls M Straume-Naesheim, Thor Einar Andersen, Ingar Morten K Holme, Andrew S McIntosh, Jiri Dvorak, Roald Bahr

Journal: Neurosurgery

Year Published: 2009

Objective: Our objective was to determine whether minor head trauma in elite soccer matches causes measurable impairment in brain function. Methods: Baseline neuropsychological testing was completed by professional soccer players in the Norwegian elite league, Tippeligaen, […]

Pilot evaluation of a novel clinical test of reaction time in national collegiate athletic association division I football players

Authors: James T Eckner, Jeffrey S Kutcher, James K Richardson

Journal: Journal of Athletic Training

Year Published: 2010

Context: Evidence suggests that concussion prolongs reaction time (RT). We have developed a simple, reliable clinical tool for measuring reaction time that may be of value in the assessment of concussion in athletes. Objective: To compare […]

Clinical utility of auditory memory testing in a heart failure population

Authors: Dustin B Hammers, Miyeon Jung, Susan J Pressler, Barbara-Jean Sullivan, Todd Koelling, Bruno Giordani

Journal: The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Year Published: 2013

Background: The self-care regimen necessary in heart failure (HF) is notably complex. A complication to integrating new knowledge and behaviors is that impaired cognition has been frequently reported in patients with HF, which significantly impacts patients’ […]

Three-month stability of the CogState brief battery in healthy older adults, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease: results from the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers, and Lifestyle-rate of change substudy (AIBL-ROCS)

Authors: Yen Ying Lim, Judith Jaeger, Karra Harrington, Tim Ashwood, Kathryn A Ellis, Albrecht Stöffler, Cassandra Szoeke, Rebecca Lachovitzki, Ralph N Martins, Victor L Villemagne, Ashley Bush, Colin L Masters, Christopher C Rowe, David Ames, David Darby, Paul Maruff

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Year Published: 2013

Large prospective studies of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have sought to understand the pathological evolution of AD and factors that may influence the rate of disease progression. Estimates of rates of cognitive change are available for 12 […]

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