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Prospective, Head-to-Head Study of Three Computerized Neurocognitive Assessment Tools (CNTs): Reliability and Validity for the Assessment of Sport-Related Concussion

Authors: Lindsay D Nelson, Ashley A LaRoche, Adam Y Pfaller, E Brooke Lerner, Thomas A Hammeke, Christopher Randolph, William B Barr, Kevin Guskiewicz, Michael A McCrea

Journal: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Year Published: 2016

Limited data exist comparing the performance of computerized neurocognitive tests (CNTs) for assessing sport-related concussion. We evaluated the reliability and validity of three CNTs-ANAM, Axon Sports/Cogstate Sport, and ImPACT-in a common sample. High school and collegiate […]

Comparison of Cognitive Performance on the Cogstate Brief Battery When Taken In-Clinic, In-Group, and Unsupervised

Authors: Jason A Cromer, Brian T Harel, Karen Yu, Jaclyn S Valadka, Jack W Brunwin, Cameron D Crawford, Linda C Mayes, Paul Maruff

Journal: The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Year Published: 2015

Objective: Repeat cognitive assessment comparing post-injury performance to a pre-injury baseline is common in concussion management. Although post-injury tests are typically administered in clinical settings, baseline tests may be conducted individually with one-on-one supervision, in a […]

Status of computerized cognitive testing in aging: a systematic review

Authors: Katherine Wild, Diane Howieson, Frank Webbe, Adriana Seelye, Jeffrey Kaye

Journal: Alzheimer's & Dementia

Year Published: 2008

Background: Early detection of cognitive decline in the elderly has become of heightened importance in parallel with the recent advances in therapeutics. Computerized assessment might be uniquely suited to early detection of changes in cognition in […]

Evaluation of the usability of a brief computerized cognitive screening test in older people for epidemiological studies

Authors: J Fredrickson, P Maruff, M Woodward, L Moore, A Fredrickson, J Sach, D Darby

Journal: Neuroepidemiology

Year Published: 2010

Background: Computerized cognitive testing has the potential to be an effective way to assess and monitor cognition in large neuroepidemiological studies. CogState is a game-like computerized test with demonstrated validity and reliability that has shown sensitivity […]

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