cognitive function

Similar psychotic and cognitive profile between ketamine dependence with persistent psychosis and schizophrenia.

Authors: Chen CH, Chen CK, Cheng WJ, Huang MC, Krystal JH, Pietrzak RH, Xu K

Journal: Schizophrenia Research

Year Published: 2018

BACKGROUND: Ketamine has been used to probe the biology of psychosis and cognitive dysfunction in humans. High levels of ketamine abuse are associated with persisting psychosis (KPP) in a minority of users. However, relatively little is […]

The association of total cholesterol with processing speed is moderated by age in mid- to late-age healthy adults.

Authors: Beeri MS, Dayman V, Elkana O, Franko M, Israel A, Segev S, Springer RR

Journal: Experimental Aging Research

Year Published: 2018

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the nature of the association of normal levels of total cholesterol with cognitive function and the contribution of age to this association. METHODS: A sample of 61 senior executives, who were summoned for […]

Water intake reverses dehydration associated impaired executive function in healthy young women.

Authors: Freese E, Harkness L, Leone CA, Mitchell ES, Stachenfeld NS

Journal: Physiology and Behavior

Year Published: 2018

Introduction Healthy women do not always consume Recommended Daily Levels of fluid intake ad libitum. We hypothesized that 1) women lose ≥ 1.0% BW during daily activities, 2) that mild body water loss impairs memory and […]

Reliability of Computerized Neurocognitive Tests for Concussion Assessment: A Meta-Analysis.

Authors: Dargo L, Farnsworth JL 2nd, Kang M, Ragan BG

Journal: Journal of Athletic Training

Year Published: 2017

OBJECTIVE: Although widely used, computerized neurocognitive tests (CNTs) have been criticized because of low reliability and poor sensitivity. A systematic review was published summarizing the reliability of Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) scores; however, […]

Brain Network Activation Technology Does Not Assist with Concussion Diagnosis and Return to Play in Football Athletes.

Authors: Broglio SP, Eckner JT, Lapointe A, Meehan SK, Moore B, Rettmann A, Williams R

Journal: Frontiers in Neurology

Year Published: 2017

BACKGROUND: Concussion diagnosis and management remains a largely subjective process. This investigation sought to evaluate the utility of a novel neuroelectric measure for concussion diagnosis and return to play decision-making. HYPOTHESIS: Brain Network Activation (BNA) scores […]

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