Eisai Enters Into Business Alliance with Cogstate for Exclusive Development and Commercialization of a Digital Tool for Self-Assessment of Cognitive Function in Japan

August 28, 2019

Eisai Co., Ltd. announced today that it has entered into a business alliance agreement for exclusive development and commercialization of a cognitive function test – Cogstate Brief Battery (CBB) – developed by Cogstate, in Japan as a digital tool for self-assessment of cognitive function.

The CBB consists of four tests, each measuring different cognitive domains: psychomotor function, attention, working memory, and learning, and it has been developed and already in use as a digital tool for self-assessment of cognitive function overseas, including the United States.

Eisai will aim to raise awareness of cognitive function by developing and making widely available the CBB in Japan jointly with Cogstate as a simpler digital tool for self-assessment of cognitive function, which can be used at various locations such as at home and community events.


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