Digital cognitive testing tool with a self-administered assessment for in-clinic or at-home use.

Cognigram™ is a simple and scientifically valid computerized test system intended to aid healthcare professionals with rapid assessment of cognition in individuals aged 6 – 99 years old.

The system is a HIPAA compliant U.S. FDA Class II Medical Device, which has received marketing authorization in multiple additional regulatory jurisdictions around the world. The tests are trusted and widely adopted in academic research and pharmaceutical drug trials.

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Cognigram is:


The four tests take only 10-15 minutes for participants to complete.

Immediate & Informative

Quick reporting provides immediate results to clinicians. Tests detect subtle changes in cognition that may not be apparent on traditional instruments.

Automated & Flexible

Tests are fully automated, simplifying the practice of routine cognitive assessment. Administration is flexible with in-clinic or at-home testing on PCs or tablets.

Sensitive & Reliable

Tests are unaffected by language, education, cultural background, or practice. They are sensitive to change in a wide range of brain disorders and provide reliable results with high test-retest validity.

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Cogstate Brief Battery™

The Cognigram system is powered by the Cogstate Brief Battery, which has been used in over 1,000 research studies around the world and cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed journal publications.

This battery consists of four tests, where a single playing card stimulus is presented in the center of the device screen. At the presentation of each playing card stimulus, the patient is required to respond either “YES” or “NO”.

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