Decentralized Clinical Trials Solutions

Scientific consulting, instrument adaptation, rater training, central raters, and digital assessment.

The ability to test cognition at-home is now a necessity for study teams in the shifting clinical trials landscape, where research is moving forward in novel and safe ways following the initial impact of COVID-19.

Cogstate is expertly positioned to support remote administration of conventional clinical assessments as well as Cogstate proprietary computerized assessments. When prepping for a remote testing approach, there are many factors to consider, and our science and operations teams are here with experience in all variations of virtual assessment to guide you through every step.

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Solutions to Keep Your Clinical Trial Moving Forward

Through our pharmaceutical and academic collaborations, we’ve successfully tested thousands of individuals remotely and will continue adapting approaches to meet the evolving needs of study teams. We have the proven experience to help you keep research progressing and the flexibility to deploy novel approaches.

Consulting and protocol development for hybrid in-clinic/remote mode of administration contingency planning

Scale management, rater training and certification, and central monitoring for telephone and videocall assessments

Global network of local expert advisors (LEADs) to support centralized data quality review or centralized ratings in 30+ countries

At-home supervised and unsupervised assessment options using Cogstate proprietary computerized cognitive tests

Remote Computerized Assessments

Clinical trial teams need testing solutions they can rely on to be effective and equivalent when deployed outside of the clinical site. The Cogstate battery has been utilized for in-clinic, supervised settings and remote settings where assessment may be supervised or unsupervised. The optimal approach depends on the nature of the patient population, the test paradigm, and the type of devices utilized.

Remote Conventional Assessments

Many paper-and-pencil cognitive assessments—in traditional or eCOA format—can still be viable to conduct remotely. A key consideration is the type of clinical outcome assessment (COA) used, as clinician interviews, for example, present fewer challenges and require fewer adaptions than some performance-based outcomes. Cogstate has worked on delivery of multiple COAs for ‘remote-supervised’ assessment and can share lessons learned and feasible adaptations to help your research progress.

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