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Cogstate Expands Executive Team, Appointing Ken Billard as Chief Commercial Officer

November 19, 2019

New Haven, CT – November 19, 2019: The neuroscience technology company, Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS), announced today that Ken Billard has joined the company in the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Ken brings proven expertise in sales leadership and strategic partnering to Cogstate, where he will oversee the global sales organization to develop and execute strategies […]

Cogstate Strengthens Executive Team with Appointment of Chief Technology Officer

March 15, 2017

New Haven, CT – March 15, 2017: The cognitive science company, Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) announced today that Richard Gleeson has joined the senior leadership team as Chief Technology Officer, strengthening the company’s ability to deliver transformative innovations to optimize the measurement of cognition in clinical trials and healthcare. Reporting directly to Cogstate Chief Operating Officer, […]

Cogstate Announces Appointment of Jane McAloon to Board of Directors

January 30, 2017

Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jane McAloonas an Independent Non-Executive Director and, following release of the Appendix 4D Half Year Financial Report on 23 February 2017, Chair of the Audit & Compliance Committee of Cogstate Ltd. Until mid-2015, Jane was part of the Group Management Committee of BHP Billiton as […]

Cogstate Announces Appointment of Dr. Richard Mohs to Board of Directors

January 24, 2017

Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Richard Mohs as a non-executive director. Dr. Mohs retired from Eli Lilly in 2015, where he held several leadership positions including Vice President for Neuroscience Early Clinical Development and Leader of the Global Alzheimer’s Drug Development Team. Before joining Eli Lilly in 2002, Richard […]


July 28, 2015

ADDRESSING THE MOUNTING CHALLENGE OF PATIENT RECRUITMENT IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE CLINICAL TRIALS AND OTHER HIGH-NEED INDICATIONS Melbourne, Australia – 22 July 2015: Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS), a cognitive science and medical technology company, today announced the latest version of its remote cognitive assessment solution for pre-screening participants in clinical trials, Precision Recruitment™ 2.1. Precision Recruitment™ supports […]

Join B. Smith In Her Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

March 20, 2015

Last November, on the day before Thanksgiving, Dan Gasby thought he had seen the last of his wife, Barbara Smith, better known as B. Smith, model, restaurateur and host of the popular home-living TV show “B. Smith with Style”.  Smith, 65, who recently announced she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, was reported missing when she […]

Cogstate Researchers Find That CPAL Test Not Sensitive To Alzheimer’s Treatment

February 17, 2014

In the ongoing search for effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, medical researchers need to deal with the ever changing characteristics of each patient’s condition.  Finding a potential therapeutic during a clinical trial requires a cognition metric that can be sensitive to the daily cognitive fluctuations of each patient.  Designing, selecting and administering the right test […]

Demand Grows For Pediatric Cognition Safety Testing Using Cogstate System

February 12, 2014

It is a dilemma faced by parents, physicians and researchers. To find new treatments or medicines for sick children, these same kids often need to be part of clinical research trials. Pharmaceutical companies are required by regulators to collect data on children, and their challenge is to find ways to minimize the time and complexity […]

Gene Variant Linked To Memory Decline In Alzheimer’s Patients

February 3, 2014

As the search for the origins of Alzheimer’s disease intensifies, there is mounting evidence that our genes have a direct effect on our risk level.  While we can’t change our inherited gifts, new research that identifies specific genes may provide an advance warning system that can help us watch for early signs of cognitive decline. […]

Children’s Oncology Group Relies On Cogstate For Pediatric Cognition Testing

January 3, 2014

When attacking a disease as diverse and complicated as cancer, it is critical to have an equally diverse but coordinated research collaborative working together. When the patient is a child, the urgency for a treatment or cure increases substantially.  This was the motivation for four pediatric oncology research groups to voluntarily join together back in […]

A Problem Worth Solving – An Interview With David Dolby

December 13, 2013

For Ray Dolby, solving a problem was the ultimate adventure.  Attacking it from different angles, he would immerse himself in the journey until he finally found an answer.  But as any pioneer knows, there are wrong turns and dead ends along the way.  The key, according to Mr. Dolby, founder of Dolby Laboratories and creator […]

LifeLines Longitudinal Health Study Adds Cogstate Testing

December 4, 2013

Unlike other medical conditions that get progressively worse with time, slow cognitive degradation can be difficult to recognize in our busy lives.  Is our memory worse than it was five years ago? Can we make decisions quickly and accurately?  How might other wellness factors or lifestyle choices influence our brain’s health?  For researchers to study […]

Axon Sports And GSK Human Performance Lab Announce Strategic Partnership

December 3, 2013

Axon Sports, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cogstate, has today announced that it has formed a partnership with the GSK Human Performance Lab, a world-class research facility focused on elite human performance. Under the agreement, Axon Sports has made available its suite of advanced cognitive training programs for use by the facility. Additionally, Axon Sports, […]

Internet-Based Cognition Testing Proves Effective For Alzheimer’s Research

November 12, 2013

One of the many mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease is trying to determine when early symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) transition into a full onset of the disease.  The sooner that potential patients can be found, the sooner they can be part of advanced clinical trials which may offer a path to treatment and, possibly, […]

AIBL Research Shows How Beta Amyloid Affects Cognitive Decline

November 2, 2013

In the search for the causes and possible cures for Alzheimer’s disease, the role of beta-amyloid plaques has been at the center of several lines of research.  By attaching to the outside of neuron cells, the protein deposits disrupt neural communications and eventually cause the cells to die.  Because this process may be gradual over […]

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