Selecting CNS Endpoint Measures in Pediatric and Rare Disease Clinical Trials: Key Considerations for Cognitive and Behavioral Assessments

May 21, 2018


Testing new medicines in children and patients with rare diseases presents considerable challenges, not the least of which is proper endpoint selection and measurement. With the recent rapid growth of pediatric and rare disease trials, the pharmaceutical industry is now particularly considering the assessment of cognition and behavior in pediatric populations. In this webinar, Dr. Ventola will share her two decades of experience in developmental disabilities and pediatric neuropsychology, including strategies and approaches for selecting cognitive and behavioral measures that are appropriate for infants through adolescents. Specifically, she will describe key factors in test selection, as well as developmental and age-related considerations. Dr. Ventola will address traditional neuropsychological and behavioral measures for both safety and efficacy endpoints, as well as computerized cognitive batteries.

This webinar discusses critical considerations when selecting a cognitive battery for children, developmental assessments for very young children, range of caregiver-reported outcome measures and considerations for computerized assessments in children.

Featured Speaker

  • Pamela Ventola, Senior Science Director, Pediatrics and Rare Disease

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