Remote Administration Considerations for Conventional and Computerized Clinical Outcome Assessments

June 23, 2020

Presentation Overview

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, research teams worldwide quickly adapted study plans to safely continue research whenever possible. While some observational studies were put on hold entirely, other therapeutic trials were continued with many or all study activities occurring remotely. In some cases, clinical sites were able to remain open with temperature checks, hand washing and social distancing. Where feasible, remote administration of clinical outcomes assessments (COAs) was implemented in order to minimize the loss of data.

What were momentary adaptations have led many clinical trial teams to look longer-term at remote administration options and consider the value of virtual, decentralized, or direct-to-patient clinical trial study designs. Indeed, the use of remote administration solutions for COAs is likely only going to increase. Understanding the nuances behind these methods of data collection is vital in the future of clinical research.

In speaking with sponsors, license holders, technology partners and IRBs, our team has gained many perspectives and will share insights into successful implementation of remote COA administration for both computerized and traditional assessments. In this webinar, the speakers will outline important lessons learned to help guide participants’ teams through remote assessment solutions, as well as specific adaptation options for computerized and conventional assessments.

Featured Speakers

  • Chris Edgar, PhD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Science, Cogstate
  • Paul Maruff, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Cogstate
  • Eric Siemers, MD, Distinguished Medical Adviser, Cogstate
  • Pamela Ventola, PhD, Senior Science Director, Pediatrics and Rare Disease, Cogstate

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