Leveraging Remote Assessments and Central Raters to Optimize Rare Disease Clinical Trials

March 9, 2022

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Fully remote or hybrid administration of clinical outcome measures in rare disease clinical trials is increasing due to the ongoing pandemic, and as study teams recognize a remote approach to testing can reduce burden on patients and families.

In this webinar, Dr. Pam Ventola shares common pitfalls and tips for success when adopting remote testing in rare disease trials. She will describe the types of assessments that can feasibly be conducted remotely and how to prepare site raters to successfully conduct remote assessments.

In addition, many assessments in rare disease clinical trials are quite complex to score or involve subjective scoring. As such, the need for central raters to centrally score these assessments has grown significantly. Furthermore, using central raters in a clinical trial can provide significant benefits to study teams, particularly by decreasing variance and increasing reliability in the data collected.

Dr. Ventola describes how to leverage central raters to conduct remote assessments, key elements to consider when adopting a central rater approach, assessments that can be scored centrally, and how to maximize data quality using this method.


Pam Ventola, PhD
Senior Science Director, Pediatric and Rare Diseases, Cogstate

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