Implementing Decentralized Clinical Trials in CNS: Cognitive and Clinical Assessments

November 4, 2021

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Enabling remote assessments to drive patient enrollment, engagement, and retention and enhance data quality.

What was once a slow trend towards decentralized healthcare and clinical research has now undergone a major inflection point. Driven in part by challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical research teams are now embracing more decentralized clinical trial (DCT) activities, progressing well beyond pandemic-related mitigation strategies.

When implemented well, remote administration of clinical outcomes assessments (COAs), such as cognitive assessments or symptom severity rating scales, bring clear benefits to trial conduct from expanding trial access and diversity to enhancing data quality. However, clinical outcomes assessments present both unique challenges and important opportunities related to their suitability and validity for remote conduct and their practical implementation. The continued and successful application of both conventional clinical evaluations and emerging digital technologies is critical to the evaluation of novel therapies, and, therefore, the field must identify and promote good practices in this area.

In working with sponsors, license holders, technology partners, and regulators, our presenters have gained important perspectives into successful implementation of remote COA administration for both computerized and conventional assessments in central nervous system (CNS) trials. During this webinar, they outline important considerations, lessons learned and practical case examples of remote and decentralized clinical trial implementation.

Watch this webinar to learn about remote administration of COAs in decentralized clinical trials, including specific examples in major depression, Alzheimer’s disease and other indications.


Christopher Reist, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Science 37

Chris Edgar, PhD
Chief Science Officer, Cogstate

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