Research Collaborations

Cogstate Research™ is a rapid, reliable and highly sensitive computerized cognitive testing system designed specifically for use in academic studies.

Cogstate Research provides access to many of the features of Cogstate Clinical Trials™ at a significantly discounted price. This reflects the value that Cogstate places upon participating in ongoing academic studies and public-private partnerships.

Cogstate Research is ideal for all cognitive research trials for participants aged 10 to 99, and is used in studies of ADHD, fatigue and drug effects, post-operative cognitive dysfunction, MCI, early Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Schizophrenia and mood disorders.

Computerised Cognitive Tests

Cogstate Research comprises a customizable range of computerized cognitive tests able to measure baseline and change in a wide range of cognitive domains. Researchers have the freedom to select cognitive tests that are most appropriate for their testing protocol. Specialized tests can assess psychomotor function, attention, memory, executive function, as well as verbal learning and social-emotional cognition if required. Our tests have been used extensively by leading FDA-regulated pharmaceutical companies in phase I to phase IV trials with both healthy volunteers and patient groups. We are experts in developing tests that allow non-expert administration using standard equipment, making it effortless and cost effective to integrate cognitive testing into a research project.

About Cogstate Tests

Validated Testing Method

The Cogstate testing method has been validated in international peer-reviewed journals.  Our tests are designed to maximize the signal and minimize the noise from cognitive recordings taken in research trials. They have a proven ability to detect both improvement and decline in cognition. Excellent stability allows the detection of subtle drug effects, meaning that any change in cognition – even when very small – will be detected. Minimal learning effects ensure that participants can be tested repeatedly as often as needed, even multiple times in short periods.

Secure Online Data Management Software

Cogstate Research incorporates DataPoint®, our unique secure online data management software that provides for efficient data storage and ongoing management of data discrepancies. Upon upload of cognitive test data to DataPoint from study sites, researchers can immediately access the results allowing for efficient review, cleaning and analysis of study data.  DataPoint allows researchers to extract clean datasets at any number of interim points during the course of a study or to extract datasets on the same day at last subject, last visit.