TSPO Translocator protein 18-kDa

Neuroinflammation in World Trade Center responders at midlife: A pilot study using [ 18 F]-FEPPA PET imaging

Authors: Yael Deri, Sean A P Clouston, Christine DeLorenzo, John D Gardus 3rd, Elizabeth A Bartlett, Stephanie Santiago-Michels, Lev Bangiyev, William C Kreisl, Roman Kotov, Chuan Huang, Mark Slifstein, Ramin V Parsey, Benjamin J Luft

Journal: Brain Behavior & Immunity - Health

Year Published: 2021

Background: Neuroinflammation has long been theorized to arise from exposures to fine particulate matter and to be modulated when individuals experience chronic stress, both of which are also though to cause cognitive decline in part as […]

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