traumatic brain injury

Severity and correlates of brain fog in people with traumatic brain injury

Authors: Tyler Bell, Michael Crowe, Thomas Novack, Richard D Davis, Despina Stavrinos

Journal: Research in Nursing & Health

Year Published: 2023

Brain fog is one symptom that has been underexplored in traumatic brain injury (TBI). We explored the cognitive and affective correlates of brain fog in people with symptomatic mild TBI (n = 15), moderate-to-severe TBI (n […]

Long-term cognitive outcomes in male and female athletes following sport-related concussions

Authors: Veronik Sicard, Robert Davis Moore, Dave Ellemberg

Journal: International Journal of Psychophysiology

Year Published: 2018

Despite concussion being a serious public health concern and the increasing participation of female athletes in sport, the comparative long-term outcomes of male and female athletes are poorly understood, potentially limiting the scientific understanding and clinical […]

Test-retest reliability of four computerized neurocognitive assessment tools in an active duty military population

Authors: Wesley R Cole, Jacques P Arrieux, Karen Schwab, Brian J Ivins, Felicia M Qashu, Steven C Lewis

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Year Published: 2013

Computerized neurocognitive assessment tools (NCATs) are increasingly used for baseline and post-concussion assessments. To date, NCATs have not demonstrated strong test-retest reliabilities. Most studies have used non-military populations and different methodologies, complicating the determination of the […]

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