subjective memory impairment

Amyloid-β Related Memory Decline is not Associated with Subjective or Informant Rated Cognitive Impairment in Healthy Adults

Authors: Simone Hollands, Yen Ying Lim, Rachel Buckley, Robert H Pietrzak, Peter J Snyder, David Ames, Kathryn A Ellis, Karra Harrington, Nicola Lautenschlager, Ralph N Martins, Colin L Masters, Victor L Villemagne, Christopher C Rowe, Paul Maruff

Journal: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

Year Published: 2014

Background: The detection of early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can rely on subjective and informant reports of cognitive impairment. However, relationships between subjective cognitive impairment, objectively measured cognitive function, and amyloid-β (Aβ) biomarkers remain unclear. Objective: To […]

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