Comparison of voice acquisition methodologies in speech research.

Authors: Maruff P, Vogel AP

Journal: Behavior Research Methods

The use of voice acoustic techniques has the potential to extend beyond work devoted purely to speech or vocal pathology. For this to occur, however, researchers and clinicians will require acquisition technologies that provide fast, accurate, […]

Reliability, stability, and sensitivity to change and impairment in acoustic measures of timing and frequency.

Authors: Fletcher J, Fredrickson A, Maruff P, Snyder PJ, Vogel AP

Journal: Journal of Voice

Assessment of the voice for supporting classifications of central nervous system (CNS) impairment requires a different practical, methodological, and statistical framework compared with assessment of the voice to guide decisions about change in the CNS. In […]

Evaluation of communication assessment practices during the acute stages post stroke.

Authors: Maruff P, Morgan AT, Vogel AP

Journal: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: Early detection of communication impairment post stroke is an important prognostic indicator and promotes the use of individualized treatment protocols. Therefore, the methods for speech and language assessment used by communication experts […]

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