Longitudinal associations of childhood fitness and obesity profiles with midlife cognitive function: an Australian cohort study

Authors: Jamie L Tait, Taya A Collyer, Seana L Gall, Costan G Magnussen, Alison J Venn, Terence Dwyer, Brooklyn J Fraser, Chris Moran, Velandai K Srikanth, Michele L Callisaya

Journal: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Year Published: 2022

Objectives: Clusters of low fitness and high obesity in childhood are associated with poorer health outcomes in later life, however their relationship with cognition is unknown. Identifying such profiles may inform strategies to reduce risk of […]

Cutting a long story short: reaction times in acute stroke are associated with longer term cognitive outcomes

Authors: Toby B Cumming, Amy Brodtmann, David Darby, Julie Bernhardt

Journal: Journal of the Neurological Sciences

Year Published: 2012

Background: The viability and usefulness of cognitive assessment in acute stroke have been questioned, with practical challenges arising from the focal nature of neurological deficits as well as heterogeneity in arousal state. We aimed to test […]

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