Using Rates of Low Scores to Assess Agreement between Brief Computerized Neuropsychological Assessment Batteries: A Clinically-based Approach for Psychometric Comparisons.

Authors: Arrieux JP, Cole WR, Haran FJ, Ivins BJ, Schwab KA

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

OBJECTIVE: To assess agreement between four brief computerized neurocognitive assessment tools (CNTs), ANAM, CogState, CNS Vital Signs, and ImPACT, by comparing rates of low scores. METHODS: Four hundred and six US Army service members (SMs) with […]

An examination of the construct validity and factor structure of the Groton Maze Learning Test, a new measure of spatial working memory, learning efficiency, and error monitoring.

Authors: Maruff P, Mayes LC, Pietrzak RH, Roman SA, Snyder PJ, Sosa JA

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

This study examined the construct validity of the Groton Maze Learning Test (GMLT) in assessing processing speed, working memory, and aspects of executive function in healthy adults. Performance on GMLT outcome measures was compared to performance […]

Status of computerized cognitive testing in aging: a systematic review.

Authors: Howieson D, Kaye J, Seelye A, Webbe F, Wild K

Journal: Alzheimer's & Dementia

BACKGROUND: Early detection of cognitive decline in the elderly has become of heightened importance in parallel with the recent advances in therapeutics. Computerized assessment might be uniquely suited to early detection of changes in cognition in […]

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