Phase 2

A phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of NSI-189 phosphate, a neurogenic compound, among outpatients with major depressive disorder

Authors: G. I. Papakostas, K. Johe, H. Hand, A. Drouillard, P. Russo, G. Kay, R. Kashambwa, B. Hoeppner, M. Flynn, A. Yeung, M. A. Martinson & M. Fava

Journal: Molecular Psychiatry

Year Published: 2019

NSI-189 is a novel neurogenic compound independent of monoamine reuptake pathways. This trial evaluated oral NSI-189 as monotherapy in major depressive disorder. To improve signal detection, the sequential-parallel comparison design (SPCD) was chosen. Two hundred and […]

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