Maternal Psychological Distress and Executive Functions Are Associated During Early Parenthood – A FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study

Authors: Elisabeth Nordenswan, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Eeva-Leena Kataja, Mira Karrasch, Juho Pelto, Matti Laine, Hasse Karlsson, Linnea Karlsson, Riikka Korja

Journal: Frontiers in Psychology

Year Published: 2021

Parental executive functioning (EF) and parenting behaviors can be affected by the multiple stressors that are often present during early parenthood. However, little is known about how commonly experienced psychological distress during early parenthood is associated […]

Executive Function in Adolescence: Associations with Child and Family Risk Factors and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood

Authors: Donna Berthelsen, Nicole Hayes, Sonia L J White, Kate E Williams

Journal: Frontiers in Psychology

Year Published: 2017

Executive functions are important higher-order cognitive skills for goal-directed thought and action. These capacities contribute to successful school achievement and lifelong wellbeing. The importance of executive functions to children’s education begins in early childhood and continues […]

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