negative symptoms

Phase 2 Trial of an Alpha-7 Nicotinic Receptor Agonist (TC-5619) in Negative and Cognitive Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Authors: David Walling, Stephen R Marder, John Kane, W Wolfgang Fleischhacker, Richard S E Keefe, David A Hosford, Chris Dvergsten, Anthony C Segreti, Jessica S Beaver, Steven M Toler, John E Jett, Geoffrey C Dunbar

Journal: Schizophrenia Bulletin

Year Published: 2015

Objectives: This trial was conducted to test the effects of an alpha7 nicotinic receptor full agonist, TC-5619, on negative and cognitive symptoms in subjects with schizophrenia. Methods: In 64 sites in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, […]

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