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An Integrated Analysis of Clinical, Genomic, and Imaging Features Reveals Predictors of Neurocognitive Outcomes in a Longitudinal Cohort of Pediatric Cancer Survivors, Enriched with CNS Tumors (Rad ART Pro)

Authors: Cassie Kline, Schuyler Stoller, Lennox Byer, David Samuel, Janine M Lupo, Melanie A Morrison, Andreas M Rauschecker, Pierre Nedelec, Walter Faig, Dena B Dubal, Heather J Fullerton, Sabine Mueller

Journal: Frontiers in Oncology

Year Published: 2022

Background: Neurocognitive deficits in pediatric cancer survivors occur frequently; however, individual outcomes are unpredictable. We investigate clinical, genetic, and imaging predictors of neurocognition in pediatric cancer survivors, with a focus on survivors of central nervous system […]

Monitoring neurocognitive functioning in childhood cancer survivors: evaluation of CogState computerized assessment and the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF)

Authors: Lyn M. Balsamo, Hannah-Rose Mitchell, Wilhelmenia Ross, Catherine Metayer, Kristina K. Hardy & Nina S. Kadan-Lottick

Journal: BMC Psychology

Year Published: 2019

Background: Many childhood cancer survivors develop neurocognitive impairment, negatively affecting education and psychosocial functioning. Recommended comprehensive neuropsychological testing can be time- and cost- intensive for both institutions and patients and their families. It is important to […]

Feasibility of baseline neurocognitive assessment using Cogstate during the first month of therapy for childhood leukemia

Authors: Stephen A Sands, Brian T Harel, Mirko Savone, Kara Kelly, Veena Vijayanathan, Jennifer Greene Welch, Lynda Vrooman, Lewis B Silverman, Peter D Cole

Journal: Supportive Care in Cancer

Year Published: 2016

Purpose: Neurocognitive impairment is frequently observed among acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivors within the domains of intelligence, attention, processing speed, working memory, learning, and memory. However, few have investigated treatment-induced changes in neurocognitive function during the […]

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