Cognitive Intra-individual Variability in the Laboratory Is Associated With Greater Executive Dysfunction in the Daily Lives of Older Adults With HIV

Authors: Natalie C Ridgely, Steven Paul Woods, Troy A Webber, Andrea I Mustafa, Darrian Evans

Journal: Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology

Year Published: 2023

Background Executive dysfunction, which is common among persons with HIV (PWH), can have an adverse impact on health behaviors and quality of life. Intra-individual variability (IIV) is a measure of within-person variability across cognitive tests that […]

Meaningful cognitive decline is uncommon in virally suppressed HIV, but sustained impairment, subtle decline and abnormal cognitive aging are not

Authors: Htein Linn Aung, Krista J Siefried, Thomas M Gates, Bruce J Brew, Limin Mao, Andrew Carr, Lucette A Cysique

Journal: EClinicalMedicine

Year Published: 2022

Background: High antiretroviral therapy (ART) coverage and viral suppression among people with HIV (PWH) in Australia provide a unique context to study individual cognitive trajectories, cognitive aging and factors associated with longitudinal cognitive function during chronic […]

The Relationship Between Central Auditory Tests and Neurocognitive Domains in Adults Living With HIV

Authors: Christopher E Niemczak, Jonathan D Lichtenstein, Albert Magohe, Jennifer T Amato, Abigail M Fellows, Jiang Gui, Michael Huang, Catherine C Rieke, Enica R Massawe, Michael J Boivin, Ndeserua Moshi, Jay C Buckey

Journal: Frontiers in Neuroscience

Year Published: 2021

Objective: Tests requiring central auditory processing, such as speech perception-in-noise, are simple, time efficient, and correlate with cognitive processing. These tests may be useful for tracking brain function. Doing this effectively requires information on which tests […]

Central auditory tests track cognitive function in those with HIV

Authors: Christopher Niemczak, Abigail Fellows, Jonathan Lichtenstein, Travis White-Schwoch, Albert Magohe, Jiang Gui, Jed Wilbur, Odile Clavier, Enica Massawe, Ndeserua Moshi, Micheal Boivin, Nina Kraus, Jay Buckey

Journal: JMIR Formative Research

Year Published: 2021

Background: The development of neurocognitive deficits in those infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a significant public health problem. Previous cross-sectional studies show that performance on central auditory tests (CATs) correlates with cognitive test results […]

Correlation between computerised and standard cognitive testing in people with HIV and HIV-negative individuals

Authors: Davide De Francesco, Jonathan Underwood, Jane Anderson, Marta Boffito, Frank A Post, Memory Sachikonye, Patrick W G Mallon, Lewis Haddow, Jaime H Vera, Ken M Kunisaki, Caroline A Sabin, Alan Winston for the POPPY Study Group

Journal: AIDS Care

Year Published: 2020

We investigated the correlations and agreement between cognitive assessments made using a computerised (CogState™, six domains) and a standard pen-and-paper battery (five domains) in PWH and lifestyle-similar HIV-negative individuals. Demographically adjusted domain and global T-scores were […]

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