heart failure

Validation of the Chinese version of the CogState computerised cognitive assessment battery in Taiwanese patients with heart failure

Authors: Cheng-Chen Chou, Susan J Pressler, Bruno Giordani, Susan Jane Fetzer

Journal: Journal of Clinical Nursing

Year Published: 2015

Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the validity of the Chinese version of the CogState battery, a computerised cognitive testing among patients with heart failure in Taiwan. Background: Cognitive deficits are common in patients with heart failure […]

Clinical utility of auditory memory testing in a heart failure population

Authors: Dustin B Hammers, Miyeon Jung, Susan J Pressler, Barbara-Jean Sullivan, Todd Koelling, Bruno Giordani

Journal: The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Year Published: 2013

Background: The self-care regimen necessary in heart failure (HF) is notably complex. A complication to integrating new knowledge and behaviors is that impaired cognition has been frequently reported in patients with HF, which significantly impacts patients’ […]

Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults Hospitalized for Acute Heart Failure

Authors: Cynthia Arslanian-Engoren, Bruno J Giordani, Donna Algase, Amanda Schuh, Corinne Lee, Debra K Moser

Journal: Journal of Cardiac Failure

Year Published: 2014

Background: Few studies have measured cognitive dysfunction in older adults during acute exacerbations of heart failure (HF), even though 25% of patients are readmitted within 30 days. The aims of this study were to examine cognitive […]

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