Cognitive capacity similarly predicts insight into symptoms in first- and multiple-episode psychosis

Authors: Geneviève Sauvé, Rex B. Kline, Jai L. Shah, Ridha Joober, Ashok Malla, Mathieu B. Brodeur, Martin Lepage

Journal: Schizophrenia Research

Year Published: 2019

Background: Lack of insight is a frequent characteristic of psychotic disorders, both in patients who recently experienced a first episode of psychosis (FEP) and those who experience recurrent multiple episodes (MEP). Insight is a multifaceted construct: […]

Exercise effects on cognitive functioning in young adults with first-episode psychosis: FitForLife

Authors: Mats Hallgren, Maria Skott, Örjan Ekblom, Joseph Firth, Adrian Schembri, Yvonne Forsell

Journal: Psychological Medicine

Year Published: 2019

Background Exercise has mood-enhancing effects and can improve cognitive functioning, but the effects in first-episode psychosis (FEP) remain understudied. We examined the feasibility and cognitive effects of exercise in FEP. Method Multi-center, open-label intervention study. Ninety-one […]

Comparing cognitive clusters across first- and multiple-episode of psychosis

Authors: Geneviève Sauvé, Ashok Malla, Ridha Joober, Mathieu B Brodeur, Martin Lepage

Journal: Psychiatry Research

Year Published: 2018

Cognitive impairments in psychotic disorders (PD) present heterogeneously across patients. Between 2 and 5 clusters have been identified in previous studies with first-episode (FEP) and multiple-episodes of psychosis (MEP) patients suggesting different profiles of impairment. Past […]

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