dopamine-1 agonist

A proof-of-concept, randomized controlled trial of DAR-0100A, a dopamine-1 receptor agonist, for cognitive enhancement in schizophrenia

Authors: Ragy R Girgis, Jared X Van Snellenberg, Andrew Glass, Lawrence S Kegeles, Judy L Thompson, Melanie Wall, Raymond Y Cho, Cameron S Carter, Mark Slifstein, Anissa Abi-Dargham, Jeffrey A Lieberman

Journal: Journal of Psychopharmacology

Year Published: 2016

Background: Evidence from preclinical and human studies indicates the presence of reduced dopamine-1 receptor (D1R) signaling in the cortex, where D1Rs predominate, in patients with schizophrenia (SCZ), which may contribute to their cognitive deficits. Furthermore, studies […]

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