Severity and correlates of brain fog in people with traumatic brain injury

Authors: Tyler Bell, Michael Crowe, Thomas Novack, Richard D Davis, Despina Stavrinos

Journal: Research in Nursing & Health

Year Published: 2023

Brain fog is one symptom that has been underexplored in traumatic brain injury (TBI). We explored the cognitive and affective correlates of brain fog in people with symptomatic mild TBI (n = 15), moderate-to-severe TBI (n […]

Cognitive Profile and Relationship with Quality of Life and Psychosocial Functioning in Mood Disorders

Authors: Robson Zazula, Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Seetal Dodd, Olivia M Dean, Michael Berk, Heber Odebrecht Vargas, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas Nunes

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Year Published: 2022

Background: Comparisons between healthy controls (HCs) and individuals with mood disorders have shown more cognitive dysfunction among the latter group, in particular in bipolar disorder (BD). This study aimed to characterize the pattern of cognitive function […]

Elucidating the association between depression, anxiety, and cognition in middle-aged adults: Application of dimensional and categorical approaches

Authors: Stephanie Perin, Janice Lai, Matthew Pase, Lisa Bransby, Rachel Buckley, Nawaf Yassi, Robert H Pietrzak, Paul Maruff, Yen Ying Lim

Journal: Journal of Affective Disorders

Year Published: 2022

Background: In older adults, depressive and anxiety symptoms are associated with dementia risk, and represent a manifestation of the dementia prodrome. Understanding how these symptoms are related to cognition in midlife may inform risk models of […]

The association of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and head injury with mid-life cognitive function in civilian women

Authors: Rebecca B Lawn, Shaili C Jha, Jiaxuan Liu, Laura Sampson, Audrey R Murchland, Jennifer A Sumner, Andrea L Roberts, Seth G Disner, Francine Grodstein, Jae H Kang, Laura D Kubzansky, Lori B Chibnik, Karestan C Koenen

Journal: Depression and Anxiety

Year Published: 2022

Background: Despite evidence linking posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and head injury, separately, with worse cognitive performance, investigations of their combined effects on cognition are limited in civilian women. Methods: The Cogstate Brief Battery assessment was […]

Late contributions of repetitive head impacts and TBI to depression symptoms and cognition

Authors: Michael L Alosco, Yorghos Tripodis, Zachary H Baucom, Jesse Mez, Thor D Stein, Brett Martin, Olivia Haller, Shannon Conneely, Michael McClean, Rachel Nosheny, Scott Mackin, Ann C McKee, Michael W Weiner, Robert A Stern

Journal: Neurology

Year Published: 2020

Objective: To test the hypothesis that repetitive head impacts (RHIs), like those from contact sport play and traumatic brain injury (TBI) have long-term neuropsychiatric and cognitive consequences, we compared middle-age and older adult participants who reported […]

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