delirium & cognitive disorders

Cognitive Outcomes after DEXmedetomidine sedation in cardiac surgery: CODEX randomised controlled trial protocol

Authors: Stephen Choi, Angela Jerath, Philip Jones, Sinziana Avramescu, George Djaiani, Summer Syed, Tarit Saha, Lilia Kaustov, Alex Kiss, Frédérick D'Aragon, Peter Hedlin, Raja Rajamohan, Etienne J Couture, Amara Singh, Josiane Cs Mapplebeck, Sophia Wong, Beverley Anne Orser

Journal: BMJ Open

Year Published: 2021

Introduction Older patients undergoing cardiac surgery carry the highest risk for developing major postoperative neurocognitive disorder (postoperative NCD or P-NCD) with up to 25% incidence 3 months after surgery. P-NCD is associated with significant morbidity, mortality, […]

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