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Longitudinal Comparison of in Clinic and at Home Administration of the Cogstate Brief Battery and Demonstrated Practice Effects in the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging

Authors: N H Stricker, E S Lundt, E C Alden, S M Albertson, M M Machulda, W K Kremers, D S Knopman, R C Petersen, M M Mielke

Journal: The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

Year Published: 2020

Background: The Cogstate Brief Battery (CBB) is a computerized cognitive assessment that can be completed in clinic or at home. Design/Objective: This retrospective study investigated whether practice effects / performance trajectories of the CBB differ by […]

Comparison of PC and iPad administrations of the Cogstate Brief Battery in the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging: Assessing cross-modality equivalence of computerized neuropsychological tests

Authors: Nikki H. Stricker, Emily S. Lundt, Kelly K. Edwards, Mary M. Machulda, Walter K. Kremers, Rosebud O. Roberts, David S. Knopman, Ronald C. Petersen & Michelle M. Mielke

Journal: The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Year Published: 2019

Objective: Computerized neuropsychological assessments are increasingly used in clinical practice, population studies of cognitive aging and clinical trial enrichment. Subtle, but significant, performance differences have been demonstrated across different modes of test administration and require further […]

Computerized Cognitive Testing for Use in Clinical Trials: A Comparison of the NIH Toolbox and Cogstate C3 Batteries

Authors: R F Buckley, K P Sparks, K V Papp, M Dekhtyar, C Martin, S Burnham, R A Sperling, D M Rentz

Journal: The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

Year Published: 2018

Background: As prevention trials for Alzheimer’s disease move into asymptomatic populations, identifying older individuals who manifest the earliest cognitive signs of Alzheimer’s disease is critical. Computerized cognitive testing has the potential to replace current gold standard […]

Computerized vs. Paper-Pencil Assessment of Cognitive Change following Acute Ischemic Stroke

Authors: Maude-Marie Gagnon, Robert Laforce Jr

Journal: Journal of Neurological Disorders

Year Published: 2017

Importance: Cognitive impairment is common among patients with stroke and early recognition can optimize patient care. Objective: To determine the validity of computerized cognitive testing in an adult population with acute ischemic stroke. Design: Validation study […]

Reliability and validity of the CogState computerized battery in patients with seizure disorders and healthy young adults: comparison with standard neuropsychological tests

Authors: Sara Fratti, Stephen C Bowden, Mark J Cook

Journal: The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Year Published: 2016

Objective: The aim was to examine the reliability and validity of two measures of learning and memory within the CogState Computerized Battery: the One Card Learning (OCL) and the Continuous Paired Associative Learning (CPAL). Comparison of […]

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