brain injury

Neurocognitive Dysfunction and Smaller Brain Volumes in Adolescents and Adults with a Fontan Circulation

Authors: Charlotte E Verrall, Joseph Y M Yang, Jian Chen, Adrian Schembri, Yves d'Udekem, Diana Zannino, Nadine A Kasparian, Karin Du Plessis, Stuart M Grieve, Thomas Welton, Belinda Barton, Thomas Gentles, David Celermajer, Chantal Attard, Kathryn Rice, Julian Ayer, Simone Mandelstam, David S Winlaw, Mark T MacKay, Rachael Cordina

Journal: Circulation

Year Published: 2020

Background: Neurocognitive outcomes beyond childhood in people with a Fontan circulation are not well-defined. This study aimed to investigate neurocognitive functioning in adolescents and adults with a Fontan circulation and associations with structural brain injury, brain […]

Association between cognitive ability and functional outcomes following traumatic brain injury- using a computer-based neurocognitive battery

Authors: Sareh Zarshenas, Nora Cullen

Journal: Brain Injury

Year Published: 2018

Objective To investigate the contribution of the Cogstate Brief Battery (CBB TM) in the explanation of variation of functional outcomes. Design Secondary analysis of the practice-based evidence data set. Setting Inpatient rehabilitation setting. Participants Patients (≥ […]

Recent and Long-Term Soccer Heading Exposure Is Differentially Associated With Neuropsychological Function in Amateur Players

Authors: Cara F Levitch, Molly E Zimmerman, Naomi Lubin, Namhee Kim, Richard B Lipton, Walter F Stewart, Mimi Kim, Michael L Lipton

Journal: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Year Published: 2017

Objectives: The present study examined the relative contribution of recent or long-term heading to neuropsychological function in amateur adult soccer players. Participants and Methods: Soccer players completed a baseline questionnaire (HeadCount-12m) to ascertain heading during the […]

Do minor head impacts in soccer cause concussive injury? A prospective case-control study

Authors: Truls M Straume-Naesheim, Thor Einar Andersen, Ingar Morten K Holme, Andrew S McIntosh, Jiri Dvorak, Roald Bahr

Journal: Neurosurgery

Year Published: 2009

Objective: Our objective was to determine whether minor head trauma in elite soccer matches causes measurable impairment in brain function. Methods: Baseline neuropsychological testing was completed by professional soccer players in the Norwegian elite league, Tippeligaen, […]

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