No Seasonal Changes in Cognitive Functioning Among High School Football Athletes: Implementation of a Novel Electrophysiological Measure and Standard Clinical Measures

Authors: Steven P Broglio, Richelle Williams, Ashley Rettmann, Brandon Moore, James T Eckner, Sean Meehan

Journal: Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine

Year Published: 2017

Objective: To evaluate neuroelectric and cognitive function relative to a season of football participation. Cognitive and neuroelectric function declines are hypothesized to be present in football athletes. Design: Observational. Setting: Athletic fields and research laboratory. Patients […]

The Effects of the Removal of Electronic Devices for 48 hours on Sleep in Elite Judo Athletes

Authors: Ian C Dunican 1, David T Martin, Shona L Halson, Reid J Reale, Brian T Dawson, John A Caldwell, Maddison J Jones, Peter R Eastwood

Journal: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Year Published: 2017

Objective: This study examined the effects of the removal of electronic devices (i.e., smartphones, etc.) for 48 hours on sleep quality and next-day athletic and cognitive performance in elite Judo athletes. Participants: Over 6 days and […]

Computerised cognitive assessment of concussed Australian Rules footballers

Authors: M Makdissi, A Collie, P Maruff, D G Darby, A Bush, P McCrory, K Bennell

Journal: British Journal of Sports Medicine

Year Published: 2001

Background: “Paper and pencil” neuropsychological tests play an important role in the management of sports related concussions. They provide objective information on the athlete’s cognitive function and thus facilitate decisions on safe return to sport. It […]

Effect of concussion on clinically measured reaction time in 9 NCAA division I collegiate athletes: a preliminary study.

Journal: PM & R

Year Published: 2011

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of concussion on clinically measured reaction time (RT(clin)) and in comparison to a computerized reaction time measure (RT(comp)). DESIGN: Prospective, repeated measures observational study. SETTING: Athletic training clinic at a National […]

Pilot evaluation of a novel clinical test of reaction time in national collegiate athletic association division I football players

Authors: James T Eckner, Jeffrey S Kutcher, James K Richardson

Journal: Journal of Athletic Training

Year Published: 2010

Context: Evidence suggests that concussion prolongs reaction time (RT). We have developed a simple, reliable clinical tool for measuring reaction time that may be of value in the assessment of concussion in athletes. Objective: To compare […]

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