Study design of the Routine Outcome Monitoring for Geriatric Psychiatry & Science (ROM-GPS) project; a cohort study of older patients with affective disorders referred for specialised geriatric mental health care.

Authors: Dhondt TDF, Fluiter M, Hendriks GJ, Lugtenburg A, Marijnissen RM, Naarding P, Oude Voshaar RC, Pelzers LPRM, Schoevers RA, Smeets MMJ, van den Brink RHS, Veenstra M, Verlinde LA, Wassink S

Journal: BMC psychiatry

BACKGROUND: Affective disorders, encompassing depressive-, anxiety-, and somatic symptom disorders, are the most prevalent mental disorders in later life. Treatment protocols and guidelines largely rely on evidence from RCTs conducted in younger age samples and ignore […]

Longitudinal impact of yoga on chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment and quality of life in women with early stage breast cancer: a case series.

Authors: Daniels L, Dooley B, Galantino ML, Greene L, Muscatello L, O'Donnell L

Journal: Explore

PURPOSE: Adjuvant chemotherapy for women with breast cancer has significantly improved the cure rate; however, it has been associated with chemotherapy-related cognitive impact (CRCI). The literature provides preliminary support for the feasibility and efficacy of yoga […]

Clinical utility of auditory memory testing in a heart failure population.

Authors: Giordani B, Hammers DB, Jung M, Koelling T, Pressler SJ, Sullivan BJ

Journal: The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

BACKGROUND: The self-care regimen necessary in heart failure (HF) is notably complex. A complication to integrating new knowledge and behaviors is that impaired cognition has been frequently reported in patients with HF, which significantly impacts patients’ […]

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