Correlation between the Cogstate computerized measure and WAIS-IV among birth cohort mothers

November 2, 2017

Authors: Eeva-Leena Kataja, Linnea Karlsson, Mimmi Tolvanen, Christine Parsons, Adrian Schembri, Hanna Kiiski-Mäki, Hasse Karlsson

Journal: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

DOI: 10.1093/arclin/acw099

Year Published: 2017


Large studies, with limited resources call for cost-effective cognitive assessment methods. Computerized tests offer viable alternatives but more data are needed on their functioning. Our aim was to evaluate the overlap between a computerized neuropsychological test battery and a traditional test of general intelligence (IQ).


Cognitive functioning was assessed in birth cohort mothers (n = 80) with two widely used methods: Cogstate, computerized test battery, and WAIS-IV, a traditional IQ test. Correlational analyses were conducted.


We found weak-to-moderate correlations between the measures, except for verbal comprehension. The indices of overall performance showed more consistent correlations than Subtests.


The overall correlations were in accordance with earlier studies. Cogstate is relatively independent of verbal comprehension abilities. The choice of the cognitive assessment method should be strongly guided by the research question. More studies are needed to evaluate the applicability of the Cogstate Composite Score in cognitive screening.

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