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AIBL Research Shows How Beta Amyloid Affects Cognitive Decline

November 2, 2013

In the search for the causes and possible cures for Alzheimer’s disease, the role of beta-amyloid plaques has been at the center of several lines of research.  By attaching to the outside of neuron cells, the protein deposits disrupt neural communications and eventually cause the cells to die.  Because this process may be gradual over […]

Dr. Robert McCue Joins Cogstate Science Team

October 20, 2013

Cogstate is excited to announce that Dr. Robert McCue has joined our renowned science team. Dr. McCue will oversee and execute our scales management, rater training, and central monitoring services. Scales and neuropsychological tests are highly specialized instruments, which require both scientific and clinical experience to ensure their reliable and valid use in clinical trials […]

Cogstate Opens European Office In Barcelona

October 17, 2013

To respond to the growing needs of our European customers, Cogstate is proud to announce the opening of a new office at the Parc Cientific of Barcelona (PCB), located at the center of one of the most dynamic economic areas of Spain. This location will consolidate Cogstate’s footprint across European countries, as well as offering support […]

New Data Demonstrate Cognigram As A Sensitive Assessment To Detect And Monitor Cognitive Decline

October 8, 2013

Today, Cogstate (CGS:ASX) released important new evidence from partner Merck supporting Cognigram™ as a sensitive assessment to detect and monitor cognitive decline over time in healthy individuals and adults with mild cognitive impairment and who are also carriers of a biological marker in the brain – Aβ amyloid. “This is a true advance in the […]

Cognitive Dysfunction Also Present In Patients With Depression

October 5, 2013

For the 350 million people around the world who suffer from depression, having their physicians, family and friends truly understand their battle has been an ongoing struggle.  Common symptoms such as change in sleep, appetite and energy combined with a lack of interest, low self-esteem and hopelessness create an image of depression being just an […]

Cogstate Computerized Tests Detect Subtle Changes In Cognition

October 2, 2013

At this week’s Autumn Conference of the International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology (ISCTM) in Philadelphia, Judith Jaeger PhD, VP of Clinical Trials at Cogstate, presented a poster summarizing a study conducted for AstraZeneca in collaboration with the Center for Human Drug Research in Leiden, the Netherlands. Along with Paul Maruff PhD, Cogstate’s Chief Science Officer, […]

Measuring The Cognitive Improvement Of A Fragile X Treatment

October 1, 2013

When Lisa Kowal signed up her 18-year-old son Alex for a clinical trial of a new treatment for Fragile X Syndrome, she knew the 9 ½ hour drive from her home in Buffalo, NY to the test site at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago would be challenging.  As a common symptom of Fragile X, […]

Trial To Test Prevention Of Alzheimer’s Has Begun​​ With Cogstate Technology

September 26, 2013

By Michael C. Purdy More than a century ago, Alois Alzheimer, a Bavarian physician, first identified the neurodegenerative brain condition that came to be known as Alzheimer’s disease. Finding ways to diagnose and treat this disease has frustrated scientists and clinicians ever since. Now the long and hard-fought campaign against Alzheimer’s has reached a potentially significant […]

Cogstate Testing Shows Effective Treatment For Schizophrenia Symptoms

September 22, 2013

For patients dealing with the everyday struggles of schizophrenia, any improvement in their cognitive functioning is welcome news.  Since there is no cure for the disorder, care providers have focused on relieving these symptoms with proven medications.  Now, a team of neuroscientists, including Dr. Paul Maruff, Chief Science Officer at Cogstate, have reported that Lurasidone, […]

New Data Demonstrated Cognigram as a Useful Tool in Assessing Cognitive Function

July 17, 2013

This week at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Boston, Merck is highlighting a new study showing the effectiveness of using Cognigram™ in the general medicine setting to assist with ongoing monitoring of cognitive decline and diagnosis of dementia and related diseases. Cognigram™ is a computer-based system designed to measure and monitor cognitive function for neuro-degenerative […]

Australian research sheds new light on “highest risk” group for Alzheimer’s disease

July 17, 2013

ASX Announcement BRR Webcast – Australian research sheds new light on “highest risk” group for Alzheimer’s disease MELBOURNE, 17 July 2013: Professor Paul Maruff, Chief Science Officer at Melbourne-based cognition testing company Cogstate, explains the findings of four reports presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in a video interview with Boardroom Radio (BRR). […]

Cogstate Science Team Presentation Schedule for AAIC 2013

July 13, 2013

Cogstate’s team of scientists will be very active at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, AAIC 2013, providing their latest research updates throughout the week in Boston. Cogstate Presentations at AAIC 2013 Presenter: Yen Lim (oral presentation) Time: Sun, 14th July 2:15 – 3:45pm Notes: Diagnosis and Prognosis: Neuropsychological Associations with Amyloid Imaging and APOE Presentation Number: […]

Cogstate Releases New Alzheimer’s Research at AAIC 2013 – An Interview With Dr. Paul Maruff

July 12, 2013

As the last of the “Baby Boomer” generation reaches their 50th birthday, they are faced with mixed news about their future health.  While the incidence of heart disease and cancer, the top two leading causes of death, have been on a downward slope over the last decade, Alzheimer’s disease, the fifth most common cause, now […]

Studying up on Knock-out data

June 7, 2013

Siobhan McCarthy, a writer for the Armidale Express. reports that more than 400 Armidale students will take part in the first Australian school-based concussion management program.  As part of the project, led by psychology researcher Dr. Jim Donnelly from Southern Cross University, the students will undertake a series of internet tests developed by Axon Sports, […]

Big name boards are a boon for biotech

May 7, 2013

A number of small Australian biotechnology companies are beginning to turn a profit. Shares in Australian company Cogstate (ASX: CGS) have hovered under 40¢ for the past six months despite the company’s revenue rising 48 per cent to $12 million in 2012 and a net profit after tax of $2.5 million. It is conducting its first public trials […]

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