Eisai Partnership

Cogstate and pharmaceutical company Eisai Co. Ltd established a global partnership to develop and commercialize digital brain performance assessment tools for individuals and doctors.

As part of this partnership, Cogstate is proud to be a strategic investment of Eisai Innovation, which focuses on neurology and oncology digital solutions and diagnostics to advance human health care (hhc). 

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Eisai and Cogstate Product Launches  

NouKNOW® is a consumer-friendly self-assessment of brain performance that couples a brain health score with lifestyle advice for maintaining brain performance. NouKNOW is available in Japan and a global multilingual version known as CogMate™ is currently available in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

Thousands of NouKNOW assessments have been performed through initial engagements with Japanese municipalities and businesses seeking to offer their employees, residents, and customers easy-to-use digital solutions for understanding their brain health. This model for driving adoption of self-assessment of cognition in the community via business and government channel relationships is one both Cogstate and Eisai are eager to expand and replicate globally. 

Tools to Know Your Brain Health

NouKNOW and CogMate are designed to expand awareness and understanding of the importance of brain health. The tools utilize the Cogstate Brief Battery to deliver an easy-to-understand brain health score coupled with science-based lifestyle advice that encourages individuals to make healthy changes – as research shows that decline in brain health may be mitigated by embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Participants take four card tests on a PC or tablet device

The tests are easy to complete and take only 15 minutes

Measures include psychomotor function, attention, learning and memory

Self-assessments are designed to be done regularly in daily life and during health checkups

Cogstate technology marketed in Japan as a pre-installed application on a smartphone used widely by the senior population

The Raku-Raku smartphone (developed by FCNT LIMITED) is now being sold with a version of Cogstate’s computerized assessment of cognition, called NouKNOW, pre-installed on the device. NouKNOW was even featured in FCNT’s new product showcase in February 2022. The Raku-Raku smartphone is marketed to the senior population in Japan and has shipped more than 7 million units.

NouKNOW (pronounced noh-noh) is a digital tool for self-assessment of brain health based upon technology created by Cogstate, which utilises a selection of cognitive assessments known collectively as the “Cogstate Brief Battery”. The Japanese product launch of NouKNOW occurred on 31 March 2020.

Eisai’s “NouKNOW®”, digital tool for self-assessment of brain performance, is to be utilized for brain health assessment as part of the FY2022 Dementia Examination Project by Tokyo Bunkyo City.

E.Design Insurance and Eisai enter into business alliance aiming to promote safe driving and extend driving life in an aging society under the theme of “Improving Brain Health (Brain Performance) for Safe Driving”.

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