Digital tool for self-assessment of brain health.

CogMate™ is a digital tool for self-assessment of brain performance developed by Cogstate and pharmaceutical company Eisai Co., Ltd.

The societal cost of dementia management is significant, including increased health costs, and family and social burden. CogMate supports regular assessment of brain health, enabling individuals and families to have more information at their fingertips to make important cognitive health decisions.

CogMate is a global multilingual version of the NouKNOW® tool available in Japan; both assess brain performance using tests from the Cogstate Brief Battery (CBB). CogMate provides immediate results and can be deployed via a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Know Your Brain Health with CogMate

CogMate is designed to expand awareness and understanding of the importance of brain health. CogMate utilizes the Cogstate Brief Battery to deliver an easy to understand brain health score coupled with science-based lifestyle advice that encourages individuals to make healthy changes.

Participants take four card tests on a mobile, PC, or tablet device

The tests are easy to complete and take only 15 minutes

Measures include psychomotor function, attention, learning and memory

Self-assessments are designed to be done regularly in daily life and during health checkups

Brain Performance Score and Healthy Living Tips

CogMate provides an easy-to-understand score, or brain performance index (BPI), which represents a measurement of performance for several critical aspects of thinking. Following the self-assessment, CogMate provides science-based and personalized tips for maintaining brain performance – as research shows that decline in brain health may be mitigated by embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Availability and Access

Currently CogMate is available to individuals in Taiwan and Hong Kong via municipalities providing health services to local residents and corporations providing health check services for employees and customers. For the Asian region, CogMate is equipped with multilingual functions such as Chinese (Traditional Chinese) and English.

Cogstate Brief Battery™

CogMate is powered by the Cogstate Brief Battery, which has been used in over 1,000 research studies around the world and cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed journal publications.

This battery consists of four tests, where a single playing card stimulus is presented in the center of the device screen. By simply asking different “yes” or “no” questions about the playing cards, the tests assess various aspects of thinking that are important for cognitive functioning.

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