Groton Maze Learning Test

Cognitive Domain: Executive Function

Administration Time: 7 Minutes (for healthy participants)

Outcome Measures: Total number of errors made in attempting to learn the same hidden pathway on five consecutive trials during a single session.

“Find the Hidden Pathway”

Test Description

The Groton Maze Learning Test measures executive function using a maze learning paradigm. A 10 x 10 grid of tiles is presented to the participant on the screen. A 28-step pathway is hidden among these tiles. A blue tile indicates the start and a tile with red circles indicates the finish. The participant must move one step at a time from the start toward the end by touching a tile next to their current location. If the correct move is made a green checkmark appears and if the move is incorrect a red cross is revealed. Once completed, they are returned to the start location to repeat the test and must try to remember the pathway they have just completed.

The Groton Maze Learning Test is also available in a “Delayed Recall” version, which measures visual memory and a “Delayed Reverse Recall” version, which measures spatial working memory.