Scale Management

Science, expertise and partner relationships.

Selecting, acquiring, and translating the appropriate rating scale instruments for a study is a meticulous process of great consequence.

Incorrect versions, licensing oversights or imprecise translations can all have dramatic impacts on the time, cost and quality of a clinical trial. Luckily, these roadblocks are avoidable!

Cogstate’s scale management process is bolstered by established and collaborative relationships with license holders, translation companies, and other key partners to help us ensure accuracy and timely delivery.


Cogstate’s scale management services include…

Expert scientific consultation on study protocols, scale versions and modes of administration

Due diligence and securing licenses for each scale

Translation management and linguistic validation

Preparation of study-specific source documents and materials – hard copy and eCOA

Coordination of the design and integration of materials onto an eCOA tablet

Logistics management of printed source, hardware, manipulatives and instructions

Download our fact sheet to learn more about scale management services.

Scale Management Fact Sheet

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