Central Monitoring

Strategic, risk-based central rater and data monitoring programs to ensure reliability and validity of clinical measures.

Cogstate works closely with clinical trial leaders to develop strategic, flexible central monitoring programs, enabling them to improve data accuracy in their studies.

Central Monitoring is the process of identifying rater errors and preventing them from detrimentally impacting the quality of a study. This involves sampling source documentation and audio recordings of assessment sessions to identify and correct deviations from administration and scoring conventions. It also can include comprehensive database-level reviews using tailored monitoring algorithms to flag rater issues.


We support study leaders by providing:

Identification of incorrect administration procedures and corrective feedback

Identification and correction of scoring errors

Exploration of clinically unusual scores and abnormal change scores across visits

Remediation of raters, where needed

Global Network of Clinical and Scientific Experts

Cogstate deploys a team of Local Expert Advisors (LEADs) that have been selected and specifically trained to review, in a standardized manner, the source documents and audio recordings from key scale administrations. By partnering with us, researchers gain access to this LEADs group, which is a global network of 140+ highly trained clinical and scientific experts who provide in-language support across more than 40 language groups.

Rater Training Reimagined

Rater training helps improve data quality. To provide flexible, cost-saving and highly effective rater training, Cogstate has established a unique approach that benefits raters, sites, and sponsors.

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