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Reducing risk in clinical trials with more reliable results.

Clinical trial evaluations of drug efficacy and safety are particularly challenging when dealing with the Central Nervous System. Success hinges on having smart trial designs, highly sensitive tests, reliable ratings, and accurate data.

Combining these essentials, study teams increase their chances for successful trials and can make earlier and more informed decisions about their therapeutic drug candidates.

Cogstate solutions guide thousands of researchers across many indications and all phases of development. With our sensitive, rapid, and reliable computerized digital cognitive assessments, proven rater training and data quality programs, and study design insights from leading scientists, we help clinical trial partners optimize outcomes.


Get support at every stage of your study development

Digital Cognitive Assessment

Cogstate’s digital cognitive tests are used to assess cognition in hundreds of clinical trials worldwide. Each Cogstate test provides rapid, reliable, highly sensitive and valid measurement of distinct cognitive functions. Tests are culture-neutral, designed for repeated administration, and ideal for use in clinical trials.

Rater Training & eCOA

Cogstate’s dynamic relationships among science, operations and technology enable us to deliver exemplary service and novel technologies for the support of scale management, rater training, eCOA and central monitoring programs. Learn how our approach to rater training can improve your data and save time.

Scientific Consulting

Cogstate's team of neuropsychologists advise sponsors and guide the selection and execution of cognitive measurements for trials across all indications and phases of development. Talk with our cognitive experts on topics such as drug development strategies, protocol design, test selection, and much more.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Cogstate is expertly positioned to support remote administration of conventional cognitive assessments as well as Cogstate proprietary digital cognitive assessments. Thoughtful questions should be asked in prepping studies for a remote approach. Our science and operational teams are here to assist.

Key Therapeutic Focus Areas

Our team of scientific and operational experts have supported study outcomes in 60+ indications across neurology, rare diseases, mood disorders, oncology, movement disorders, and infectious disease. Learn more about our unique capabilities in a selection of key focus areas:

Alzheimer’s Disease

Rare Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease




And Many More

Extensive Scientific and Operational Experience in Cognitive Measurement

Having partnered with sponsors of all shapes and sizes, we offer study teams extensive hands-on experience across indications, study sizes, and operational designs. We bring together neurocognitive expertise with the data and technology to simplify brain health assessments and improve clinical trial decision-making.

Industry-sponsored trials across all phases
Sites supported globally
Test supervisors and raters trained
Patients tested globally

Cogstate supports hundreds of clinical trials in all phases. Our solutions are validated in 600+ peer-reviewed publications.


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