Clinical Trials

Everything we do is focused on reducing risk in clinical trials with more reliable results.

We believe that brain health is profoundly important and should be easier to measure. That is why we so passionately apply our expertise, access to data, and flexible technology to standardize the measurement of study endpoints. From computerized cognitive tests to expert management, training, scoring and monitoring of traditional assessment scales—it’s all about reducing risk in clinical trials with more reliable results.

Better study designs for better development decisions

Cogstate’s team of accomplished neuropsychologists can advise sponsors and guide the selection and execution of cognitive measurements for trials across all indications and phases of development. Our leading cognitive experts provide actionable insights into:

  • Drug development strategies
  • Protocol design
  • Test selection for screening, safety and efficacy
  • Exploratory measures and innovative methodologies
  • Test design and development
  • Statistical plans, analyses and reports

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Cognitive prescreening

Cogstate Prescreen is an innovative solution when recruiting study participants with specific levels of cognitive impairment. It allows sponsors to better profile potential participants before sending them to site, using validated online cognitive testing and questionnaires. This allows sponsors to employ direct-to-community outreach programs without burdening sites with the unmanageable, costly and time intensive screening of large volumes of unqualified participants. With Cogstate Prescreen only those participants most likely to qualify are assigned to a study site in their area and their progression through the recruitment process is centrally tracked for greater insights on which recruitment strategies are performing best.

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Computerized assessment – rapid, reliable and sensitive

Cogstate’s computerized tests have been used to assess cognition in more than 200 clinical trials at over 2,800 investigational sites worldwide. Each Cogstate test provides rapid, sensitive and valid measurement of distinct cognitive functions–grouped into customizable batteries for a more complete and nuanced picture of a subject’s cognitive state. Cogstate tests are culture-neutral, not limited by a subject’s level of education and designed for repeated administration with minimal practice or learning effects, making them ideal for use in clinical trials.

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Rater training & eCOA

The Cogstate Clinical Trials team has demonstrated expertise and experience in the selection, acquisition, training, monitoring, analyses and reporting of cognitive measures as well as behavioral scales that are used commonly in clinical trials.


Scientific excellence with the experience to execute

Cogstate products and services have been used in hundreds of clinical trials, guiding decision-making for cognitive safety and efficacy across many indications and all phases of development.

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