Cognigram® Solution

A digital cognitive assessment tool, for prescription use, intended to aid healthcare professionals with an objective measurement of cognition in individuals aged 6 – 99.


What is the Cognigram Solution?

  • Computerized tool that provides a simple assessment of cognition on a single occasion or changes over time
  • Test takes 12-15 minutes
  • Flexible administration with in-clinic or at-home testing on PCs or iPads/tablets
  • Rapid reporting with results immediately available to clinician after testing
  • Performance unaffected by language, education, cultural background, or practice


Why the Cognigram Solution?

  • Sensitive to change in a wide range of brain disorders
  • Reliable results with high test-retest validity
  • Fully automated to simplify the practice of routine cognitive assessment
  • Widely validated and adopted in academic research and pharmaceutical drug trials
  • Cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications related to 40+ indications