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Defining The Normal Range Of Pediatric Cognition

April 30, 2014

Understanding the ever-changing brains of children is a moving target for neuropsychologists. As they move through the development years from infant to young adult, the growth rate of cognitive function and ability is not always a smooth curve for one child, let alone an entire population.  Researchers need to not only accurately measure pediatric cognition […]

Cognigram Detects Cognitive Impairment In Schizophrenia Patients

April 10, 2014

Patients diagnosed with schizophrenia have to battle not only the more well-known emotional symptoms of the mental disorder but often suffer from cognitive impairment including deficits in reaction time, attention, working memory and learning.  Even those who are already being treated with antipsychotic medication also need to have pharmacologic or behavioral therapies to control the […]

Research Confirms Effectiveness Of New Test For Alzheimer’s Disease

January 14, 2014

For patients over the age of 50, a routine physical exam at the doctor’s office typically covers a wide spectrum of medical biomarkers with one glaring exception, cognitive health. Unless there has been unusual mental changes or challenges in their daily life, tests of a patient’s attention, memory or brain processing speed are usually not part […]

A Problem Worth Solving – An Interview With David Dolby

December 13, 2013

For Ray Dolby, solving a problem was the ultimate adventure.  Attacking it from different angles, he would immerse himself in the journey until he finally found an answer.  But as any pioneer knows, there are wrong turns and dead ends along the way.  The key, according to Mr. Dolby, founder of Dolby Laboratories and creator […]

New Data Demonstrate Cognigram As A Sensitive Assessment To Detect And Monitor Cognitive Decline

October 8, 2013

Today, Cogstate (CGS:ASX) released important new evidence from partner Merck supporting Cognigram™ as a sensitive assessment to detect and monitor cognitive decline over time in healthy individuals and adults with mild cognitive impairment and who are also carriers of a biological marker in the brain – Aβ amyloid. “This is a true advance in the […]

New Data Demonstrated Cognigram as a Useful Tool in Assessing Cognitive Function

July 17, 2013

This week at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Boston, Merck is highlighting a new study showing the effectiveness of using Cognigram™ in the general medicine setting to assist with ongoing monitoring of cognitive decline and diagnosis of dementia and related diseases. Cognigram™ is a computer-based system designed to measure and monitor cognitive function for neuro-degenerative […]